Posted by: Marko Balabanovic | 6 Apr 08

Phone Fight

We went to the excellent overtheair event over the weekend, with an amazing concentration of mobile developers (and gadgets).  Our entry to the 24-hour hack development contest  was a bit of fun dreamt up  by Richard Jones and Russ Anderson.  Disappointed that someone had beaten them to it by working out how to connect a Wiimote to a phone handset via bluetooth, they decided to go one better and do away with the need for the Wiimote at all.  Phone Fight let’s you wield your Nokia N95 like a sword, and fight your similarly equipped opponent, anywhere!  No need for a connection, server or console.  Instead the two phones connect directly to one another over bluetooth – and the built-in accelerometers detect your slashes and blocks.   The judges liked it – we got prizes for Best Hardware hack, Best design / user experience prototype and (best of all) the Fun Award.  Photos, videos and links to the software will be coming over the next few days.

For those quizzical about what virtual sword fighting over bluetooth has got to do with online travel or entertainment… yes we see what you mean, and please leave a comment if you have an amazing idea!  But suffice to say that we believe mobile apps are going to get a lot more engaging over the next few years, and we’d like to be at the forefront.


  1. It’s a great app, where is the download? :-)

  2. +1 – I’m that lovely combination of really impressed and massively jealous that we hadn’t had such a good idea. Congratulations guys :) And the product really needs to see the light of day!

  3. It was bloody amazing and you guys deserved those prizes. Thanks for coming to over the air too.

  4. I loved your app. It was definitely the best idea out of the lot ! Let me know if you get around to releasing it.

  5. This sounds amazing! Got a video of it in action?

  6. Thanks for participating and helping to make the event such a success! You might consider uploading the app to Betavine for people to try out and comment on.

  7. Can’t wait to try it out.. Please place it on Betavine.. Thanks!

  8. Please post the app!!! Even in beta state with no guarantees etc… Sounds like a good use for the wife’s Wii controller

  9. We have a strange variation on the live demo syndrome. Whilst everything worked swimmingly on the day, we can’t get it to work in the cold light of a monday morning.

    We are doing our best to get something operational so please bear with us!

    Russ will be at MoMoLo this evening, hopefully armed with two working N95 swords…

  10. There’s a little video here from ribot

  11. Where can I download this!? My N95 is ready!!!

  12. Maybe if you have two people try to book a hotel room and there’s only one room left, they have to phone fight to decide who gets the room?!

    There’s your justification :-)

  13. I like your thinking, there, Brendan.

  14. Hey,

    Where can I download Phone Fight?

    Can you upload it to Betavine and share the fun?


  15. Soon… soon… although it’s probably more suitable for Alphavine.

  16. […] video of the Phone Fight prototype by labs was taken a couple days later at Mobile Monday London. This time, Future Platforms’ Tom Hume […]

  17. I’ve uploaded Phone Fight v0.3 to betavine, so it will be available as soon as the submission has been approved. It’s a Python script rather than a standalone package, so installing it may require a bit of technical knowhow. It’s all in the documentation, though. The licence is GPL for the code and Creative Commons Sampling Plus for the sounds. Enjoy!

  18. Excellent. Now just get it tied in with the StarWars kid, and you can take over the world.

    I like the idea about fighting over hotel rooms. Or even fighting for the last seat on a plane, or fighting for a sea view, or whatever you want.

    Hacking the same idea with a soundtrack to make it into an air guitar (take a sample from Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure) could also be used for solo play using the same hardware hack. The possibilities are endless.

  19. i can not get it to work can any one help me as it looks good it say that you have edit the bt script but i do not no what to put can any one help why couldnt the maker make it easy to do helpppppppppp

  20. sorry i didnt say what the phone fight game

  21. Sorry you are having problems, neo39. Have you seen this illustrated guide? I promise that the next time we release a hack like this, we’ll spend a bit more time making it easy to install!

  22. […] playing our little sword fighting application, Phone Fight (which we originally demonstrated last year), we have patched a heap of bugs and packaged it up for you to install on your Nokia N95s and N95 […]

  23. How did you managed to take this photo of the plane in the sky? I guess this would be the last one you make, because the engine would swallow you next second ;-) Just kidding
    Phone fight sounds very interesting to me – I only miss a download link. Maybe you can post it?

  24. All the details you need are on our project page —


  25. […] – Lastminute Labs Kudos to the whole team who made this happen, this was more than just a developers’ conference, more than just a workshop or a barcamp… It was a 48 hours of mobile and wireless development experiment bringing together some +400 developers and mobile industry experts with great sessions on various industry related topics… Lots of great people and ideas gathered during these 2 days […]

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