Posted by: Christophe Bruchansky | 9 Jul 09

The RCA Summer Show 2009: our favourites

SHOW 2009Part of the labs team went to visit the Royal College of Art graduates show last Thursday, an important event in London for anyone interested in contemporary art and design.

Kim, it was the first time you went to the RCA show, what did you think?

“I was amazed at the high quality and variety of design. There is also so much fantastic work that if you are planning to go I would recommend booking out a few hours in your diary. Amongst the things I liked the most was the ‘palate cleanser’, a little glass bubble filled with mint and other refreshing things which you could place a straw over to suck in the vapours which refreshed your taste buds. I also liked the statue of a white rabbit holding on to his broken, bleeding heart, although shamefully I do not remember the artist’s name. One of my favourite areas was that textile section, which displayed some beautiful clothes and shoes, amongst which I found shoes designed by Manolo Blahnik Award Winner 2009, Alexandru Adam.  As well as shoes I focused on handbags (such a cliché now that I think about it). The first bag to grab my attention was from the ‘Orishiki’ range by Naoki Kawamoto but the most practical bag design (for me) came from Claire Ferreira who designed a bag in which you could clip all of your belongings. This will mean next time I tip out my bag to find the key / wallet / phone at the bottom I might be able to find it without having to crawl around on the floor! Genius! I also really like the tables she has created by pouring a substance into a cylinder and waiting for it to pour out of the bottom and dry to form a table top. You can place these tables on top of each other to make a stool and desktop, or a shelving unit. However, next time I would recommend that Claire places her business cards on the top shelf rather than the bottom, someone with poor coordination skills might bend down to pick up a card and bash their head on the top shelf, casing much pain. Not that I know of anyone who would do such a thing, of course…”

Speaking about business cards, I was not even always sure of who made what. More generally, I think the show didn’t get the basics of promoting the graduates. For example, visitors were not allowed to take pictures, which is strange for an event aiming at promoting young artists and designers. Personally, I liked the agridemics project a lot because it demonstrates very successfully that architecture is actually a social proposition, and in this case a very original and green one. I also liked the idea of the website, where you can find fruits in London’s public gardens and make your own recipe.

Check out the RCA show 2009 pictures by we-make-money-not-art if you want to know more about the RCA Summer show 2009. You can also look at the description of some of projects from the design interactions class.

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