We’re a small team working at lastminute.com in London inventing new stuff. Where is online travel and entertainment heading? We have no idea. But we’re going to try ideas out and see what happens. We’re part of a network of Sabre innovation centres, including travelocity.com in Dallas and Zuji in Singapore. We’re not currently hiring – but keep an eye on lastminute.com labs jobs for any future opportunities.

Any of the projects you see here are experimental and may not work too well – let us know if you have ideas, suggestions or see a problem.



  1. howdy,
    im making some promotional material for lastminute.com as according to the D&AD brief: http://www.dandad.org/education/student-awards/ (scroll down a bit)

    and was wondering if any of your team had any ideas of what kind of campaign you’d like to see to promote the site. its a very open brief merely stating ‘create awareness of lastminute.com by turning the world pink’ this probably means more to you than it does to me!

    you guys have probably got a better understanding of the company than others so any ideas or feedback you could suggest would be awesome. im probably going to work along with posters or banners.



  2. […] von Lastminute.com bei Sprachführern noch auf reines Sponsoring, so hat die neue interne Unit Lastminute.com Labs (Teil des Sabre Innovation Centre) nun eine mobile Webseite […]

  3. […] just in from the clever-types at Lastminute Labs (the team behind FoneFood, which we rather like) – they’ve also been trying out development […]


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