fonefood is a restaurant booking site you can use from your phone – check it out at or text fonefood to 85959 (UK) or 71160 (Sweden), no charge other than what it costs you to send a text. We’ve got restaurants across lots of countries, and it works in both Swedish and English.

How does it work?  Just type in a place, and we’ll list nearby restaurants.  When you’ve chosen one, click to book a table – we’ll show you the dates and times that are available.  You’ll receive a confirmation by text and email.  Even better, for some restaurants we’ll have special deals, like cheap fixed-price menus or 50%-off deals.

This is a very new service and we’re working hard to improve it here in the labs – if you have suggestions we’d love to hear them.  Let us know here on the blog or email fonefood at


  1. Hi there. I really like your new service.

    I am using it on a blackberry and (unlike so many mobile sites) it works well on this handset. It’s simple, quick and informative. The google map is great for gettig a sense of where the restaurants are.

    There is one thing. Are you working on improving the restaurant search functionality? When I searched for resturants near where I live in Greenwich it only gave me restaurants quite far north (in Canary Wharf). Could this be because not many restaurants have signed up near me?

    Keep up the good work.

    Love the blog idea, by the way.

  2. Hi Laurence,

    Glad you like it.

    We had a quick check around Greenwich, and it looks like we do have some restaurants there – try this link for instance

    If you want to let us know a bit more detail about what you were trying at fonefood at we can take a look, see if there’s a problem.

    Thanks for the feedback,


  3. Hello,

    I used fonefood yesterday afternoon to search for restaurants in the Charing Cross area and decided on good, well priced Italian place on the Strand (that I’ve always walked past and never tried).

    It’s a quick and easy way to dine at new places I never would have thought/known to try. One recommendation would be to add a review/rating to each listed restaurant to save time on googling each listed restaurant separately to see if they’re any good.

    Thanks for setting this up – I’ve recommended it to friends already!

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